HelenArt Interview and Giveaway

Today Out of the Box plays host to HelenArt. Helena lives and works in Patras. She is a Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens graduate but her love for creation and fashion led her to a very different direction. But let’s let Helena do the talking.

When and how did you decide to start creating handmade bags?
My need for creation was the reason why I began creating handmade jewelry. A couple of years ago I tried to make a bag for me which proved to be a big success. Since then a lot of orders followed, friends and family at first and then other people followed. That is how HelenArt bags began. 
Where does your inspiration come from?
The materials themselves are my main source of inspiration. They are the ones that make me imagine and create every piece of my collection. I feel intrigued by the process of turning something raw to a ready to use product.
What kind of materials do you use?
I mainly use pleather, suede, linen and wool. The ttuth of the matter is that I constantly experiment with new materials, textures and colors depending on the season.

How would you classify your bags? Do you have a specific type of woman in mind when creating them?
If I had to pick a word to describe them that would be “romantism”. As for the woman type, I don’t have a specific target group. What I have in mind when creating a bag is attention to construction. I also want them to be useful.

Where can we find your bags?
You can find them in my official page on Facebook and also on Jam Jar.

To wrap things up, what do you wish for the future?
I want to see more and more women carrying my bags. My biggest dream is someday to open my own store where I will have the opportunity to sell handmade bags as well as clothing.

Helena wanted to give you the chance to win one bag from her collection. If you want to make yours the beautiful clutch of the following picture all you have to do is:
1. Like Out of the Box on Facebook.
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3. Like and Public Share of the photo.
4. Invite 3 of your friends.

The giveaway will be open until March 16th 2014 and you have to complete all 4 steps for your entrance to be valid.

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