These boots are made for walking…

…but Not just what they’ll do, since they could just as well be exhibits in a gallery or a museum of modern art. Boots are an essential piece for every womans Winter wardrobe. For Fall/Winter 2012/13 the designers did they’re best to create statement pieces that are empowering yet wearable. These are the ones that stole my heart.
When Nicholas Kirkwood collaborates with Erdem the result can be nothing less than extraordinary. The designer who is famous for the architectural quality of his designs and his innovative use of materials worked miracles once again. The combination of the various prints and then the structured chunky geometric floating perplex heel is just heavenly.

Modern patchwork patterns meet ultra-refined and classy silhouettes in the Fendi fall/Winter 2012-13 shoes collection.
FELDER FELDER was launched by identical twin sisters Annette and Daniela Felder. Daniela Felder said of her collection : “We wanted to create a visually vibrant collection that at the same time gives a feeling of spontaneity and confidence”. Mission accomplished!

 Dolce & Gabbana used suede and brocade to create shoes that brings to mind oil paintings leaving a sense of luxury from previous eras.

Seen them before and loved them for ever. Closing the theme of my favourite boots for the upcoming Winter I could not leave outside the Isabel Marant’s Lazio wedge boots and wedge sneakers as well as Chloe’s studded ankle boots that have already become classic and every fashionista would do everything to make them hers.


  1. Exeis dialeksei ta kalytera sxedia ths sezon pragmatika!
    Ta erdem einai apo ta agaphmena mou!einai toso idiaitera kai tautoxrona katholou too much! tha ta hthela sthn ntoulapa mou alla auth h krish.. me duskoleuei! 🙂
    Latreuw kai ta isabel marant!
    Teleies epiloges agaph mou!
    polla filia!

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