The End of Summer

Have a great month everyone! First day of Fall today but luckilly the weather is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that Summer is over. Let’s hope that we will be able to enjoy the sun and the seas for a little longer.
Today I thought it would be a great opportunity to take my new Zanotti’s for a walk. These babies are my latest purchase and I got them at a huuuuge discount!

Wearing Zara vest, top, necklace, bag and round sunglasses, Stradivarious jean shorts and Giuseppe Zanotti spiked sandals.


  1. Elsa, eisai toso teleia me jeans shorts!!!!Auta ta papoutsia, alla my heart is with your GREAT NECKLACE!!!!
    Kisses my dear, thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi, Elsa! Thanks for visiting me and I think your suggestion to follow each other is great. You have fabulous style and I’d be glad to follow. I’ll start by following you and I’ll be waiting for you to drop by mine soon.. keep in touch and keep inspiring!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY (where fashion and food collide!)

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