Blue vs Yellow – Featuring the MIGATO lace up sandals

A few days ago I received these gorgeous royal blue lace up sandals from MIGATO. I immediately took them of their box and put them on my feet. Beeing a customer of MIGATO for years, I wasn’t surprised of them being extremely comfortable. The leather is very soft and their heel is of the proper… Continue reading Blue vs Yellow – Featuring the MIGATO lace up sandals

Just for you by Eleni Tsap. – Interview and Giveaway

1. Πες μας κάποια πράγματα για εσένα. Με λένε Ελένη κ είμαι καλά…lol. Είμαι λίγο πιο πάνω από τα πρώτα -άντα….δηλώνω ερωτευμένη με την κόρη μου Εμμέλεια…γελάω πολύ, αγαπάω πολύ….κ αν χρειαστεί θυμώνω…λίγο… 2. Πότε ξεκίνησες να ασχολείσαι με το χειροποίητο κόσμημα και πώς πήρες αυτή την απόφαση? Ξεκίνησα να πειραματίζομαι με ιδέες κ υλικά… Continue reading Just for you by Eleni Tsap. – Interview and Giveaway

Pleats Please

I have told you in my previous post how much I love full skirts this year. This is a pleated full skirt I recently bought from ZARA and I really fell for it. I styled it with a navy cropped top and animal print sandals. Like it? The rings are from Bershka, the belt from… Continue reading Pleats Please

What to Wear – 20131008

The sweatshirt. And to be more specific, the Givenchy sweatshirt. I know you are all craving for the Bambi print sweatshirt from Givenchy but since it is sold out, I thought I should pick a different one from the same collection just to show you how to wear it. Of course you can choose any… Continue reading What to Wear – 20131008

What To Wear – 20130914

The lingerie issue. Those of you who follow my blog, must have already seen the “Trend Alert” post regarding Lingeries. Try a sexy dress with lace and match it with a cosy knit jacket on top and a pair of every blogger’s favorite Balenciaga-like boots. An alternative would be a synthetic fur coat and a… Continue reading What To Wear – 20130914