What to Wear – 20140701

Evi Grintela White Sophia Cotton Dress – Find it here Ibo-Maraca The Greek Tsarouhi Hat – Find it here Thalatta Fringy Sea Blue clutch bag – Find it here Ancient Greek Sandals – Find similar here Bronze Goddess Shimmering body oil by Estee Lauder Kiehl’s Super fluid UV defense SPF 50+ face sunscreen – Find… Continue reading What to Wear – 20140701

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection Spring 2014

On April 10th, H&M launches its new Conscious and Conscious Exclusive collections. With two new materials, organic leather from the Swedish leather supplier Tärnsjö, and organic silk, the collections show what can be done in more sustainable materials.  Pieces range from $17.95 (for a headband) to $549 (for the wedding dress). “The great thing with… Continue reading H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection Spring 2014

Summer Vacation – A Packing Walkthrough

With Summer being officially here and the temperature at 37 Celsium degrees the only thing I think about is vacation! And when it comes to Summer vacation there is nothing better than a Greek island where you can enjoy the sun and the beautifull waters. Making plans for this year brought to my mind memories… Continue reading Summer Vacation – A Packing Walkthrough