Wear this today – 20141303

wear this today 2014133

Today we wear culottes in the office. Instead of a classic black pair, I suggest earth tones. Khaki, beige, white and nude are perfect for your morning look. Remember to keep it simple with your accessories too. Your watch and a slim bracelet are perfect. For your hair I think that VIP volume in powder by Kerastase is the perfect product to give them volume and make you look stunning all day long!

Shop the look

1. White top by Toi Moi. Shop here

2. Khaki culotte by Toi Moi. Shop here

3. Pumps by Toi Moi. Shop here

4. Watch by Superdry . Shop here

5. Sunglasses by Komono. Shop here

6. Balenciaga Rosabotanica eau de parfum. Shop here in S A L E

7. Tote bag by Ted Baker. Shop here

8. LOVE bracelet by La vie jewellery. Shop here

9. VIP volume in powder by Kerastase. Shop here


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