Anna Dello Russo for H&M

H&M proudly announced a special collaboration with the legendary Anna Dello Russo, fashion director of Japanese Vogue, fashion icon and iconic blogger.
«An idol of the blogosphere whose flamboyant outfits are endlessly documented by style photographers and broadcasted globally through the web, Anna Dello Russo proved her unique sense of style creating a special collection of accessories for H&M. Unabashedly glamorous, precious and playful, the range is an expression of Dello Russo’s taste for ornamentation».



The collection will be available from October 4 2012 in around 140 stores worldwide and online and will include jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, bags and a trolley in affordable prices with Anna’s baroque aesthetic and attention to luxury.



So if you don’t just want to be cool but you want to be fashion – as Dello Russo says- all you have to do is wait for Fall to come.



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  1. uraraa

    cool! i love baroque style, esp jewellery! she’s quite over the top though, not for everyone’s palate..:)


    Have always admired Anna’s wacky but awesome style, the new H&M range is a bit of a long wait, I’ll think i’ll be more excited as the launch date draws closer!

  3. Katharina

    i´m so excited for this collection, can´t wait! i think this will be the best designer collection for h&m so far!



  4. Allison

    Cool! Some of those pieces are awesome! I wonder if this will be available in the US (?)


  5. Ros.E.

    🙂 well it looks like we were in each other blog at the same time!
    I just voted !
    my love dear Elsa!

    xxx Ros.e.

  6. connie l.

    I just saw this on fashionologie and I think it’s great to see retailers like H&M working with editors! Maybe we’ll see bloggers collaborating with designers soon. I know some do in terms of merchandising but to see them design, it would open up a lot of opportunities for people like us! Great post!

  7. MarmeladenMädchen

    is your current header Karl Lagerfeld inspired? looks like him!
    I’d love to! Gonna follow you now, and hope to see you soon back on my blog 🙂


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