The Barefoot Diva, Cesária Évora

The barefoot diva of music with the bright voice was born on the 27th August 1941 in Mindelo, Cape Verde. Cesaria was given that nickname since she performed without shoes. This was a reminder of her poor childhood.

Cesaria lost her father at a young age and was raised by her mother. She ended up living in an orphanage where she first started to sing.
Évora was perhaps the best internationally known practitioner of  «morna».

In late September 2011, Evora’s agent Lusafrica announced that she had ended her singing career due to poor health.
Today Cesária Évora died in Sao Vicente, in her native Cape Verde, from cardiorespiratory insufficiency and hypertension. She was 70 wears old.


One of the most amazing voices is gone but her music will never sleep. We’ll miss you.

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  1. signature mix

    This is sad to hear. I’ve always been a huge fan of her incredible music. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post in her honor.

  2. vanda

    I will miss her a lot! She is from Cabo verde, they speak a language based on mine(Portuguese) so all her songs are very special to me….One of the most well know »Sodade», whic in portuguese is saudade, means something like nostalgie, when we miss a loved one….

    Kisses Elsa!


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