Lanvin Christmas Tree

After John Galliano, it’s Lanvin’s turn to create a Christmas tree for the iconic hotel Claridge’s. And here is the result.

And a close up:

Guess who is on the top of the tree!

It’s Alber Elbaz fairy with the tradditional star of course.
«The concept of the Christmas Tree decoration is to create an installation that carries the spirit of Lanvin, an infusion of tradition and modernity at the same time,» Elbaz said. «The tree is to emanate and bring heartwarming joy to all who work and stay as guests at Claridge’s hotel: It’s my way to wish them a very Merry Christmas.»
Here is Alber Elbaz’s Claridge’s Christmas tree sketch.

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope that you spent these days with all the people you love!

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  1. vanda

    Ti fovero Xmas tree einai auto???TELEIO!!! Na sou euxomai Elsa mou ena kalo S/K, gemato xalares kai dimiourgikes stigmes!
    Filia koukla!

  2. Kate V

    I wish all fashionistas had a tree like this for X-mas! Hihihi


  3. BerryHaute

    It’s beautiful, but a little bittersweet being that I am such a Galliano fan. I don’t agree with what he said, but I really don’t believe the crime has fit the punishment. Sorry about the rambling….. It’s a lovely tree and Alber is a superb designer!!


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