This afternoon I didn’t have to work at the University, so I decided to take a walk in the city.

This part of the town is very interesting since here used to be the storehouses of the port. Now all buildings are abandoned and the walls are covered by graffiti.

Wearing Zara faux fur vest, Replay leather jacket, Junk Food Star Wars t-shirt, Zara leather pants and ankle boots and Georgina Skalidi envelope bag. Jewelry made by me.

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  1. Le Citronnier

    I’m loving the faux-fur vest this season and looking to buy one myself. Although I can’t quite decide between a vest or a short coat. Any suggestions??
    (btw you should put something about Versace launching the H&M collection this week. I’ve seen people queueing for days outside the shop…)

  2. Elsa

    Thank you so much Vanda! I love your blog as well and I reccomend everyone to join it! Hmmm, you are probably right about the images! From now on I will upload them in higher resolution, though if you click on them and open them in a new tab or window you can take a better look at them! Thank you for your comment!

  3. vanda

    Geia sou OMORFI Elsa!!!!♥ fovero outfit alli mia fora,eisai fantastiki! Mporo na sou proteino kati? Tha ithela na do tis fotografies sou megaliteres, gia na doume leptomeries, opos p.x. ta kosmimata sou, kai tis leptomeries tou outfit….eisai toso stilati, kai to blog sou toso oraio, pou nomizo oti axizei!!!!
    Filia apo Kriti!!!♥♥

  4. Closet Fashionista

    [yep the price of the jacket is real, everything in their birthday sale was $2, but only 2000 people got «tickets» and you could only buy 1 thing]

  5. d.

    Great blog!
    Thanks for your lovely comment.. i am your newest follower!



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