Pierre Hardy for Peugeot

We were already blown away by Pierre Hardy’s Winter 2011/2012 Collection.

This Winter Pierre Hardy has also collaborated with Peugeot to create a concept shoe from brushed metal.

 Being inspired by Peugeot’s HX1 Concept Car, the French designer created a futuristic shoe to fullfill every womans” needs. The shoe can transform from a comfortable flat when driving to a breath taking high heel in a few seconds. Looks like dreams do come true…

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  1. evi

    Amazing!!! I need exactly these shoes… i cannot drive on heels.. The new things we find out in this blog :)!!

  2. vanda

    Geia sou Elsa!!! Apo tin proti stigmi to blog sou exei kati poli prototipo!!! LOVE the header and the title!!!!
    Eimai mia portogalida pou menei Ellada(Crete) kai opos sinithiso na leo, exo ena sizigo, 2 paidia kai…ena mikro blog. Eimai Real Estate sales manager kai tora paizo ligo me to blog mou. Ean exeis xrono ela mia bolta na me deis!
    By the way, EISAI MIA KOUKLA, einai teleio to forema kai ta papoutsia stin foto profil!!!! WOW!!!

  3. katoula

    ..that’s an interesting collaboration!
    Welcome to the world of blogging! 🙂

    katoula from red rose cheeks

  4. Le Citronnier

    what a perfect combination of practicality and high-end design. Taking your heels off and driving barefoot can be a thing of the past now.


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