It is always a burden to figure out what to wear in Fall.  Today the weather is rather warm, so I grabbed the opportunity to wear this dress. What I like so much about it are the small design details on the shoulders and the neck. They make it look effortless but also differentiate it from any other simple white dress.

The three-quarter sleeves are perfect and I think really flatter women’s arms.
Here worn with black suede ankle boots with lace bows, plastic frames and hand made jewelry.

Zara Dress, Dolce & Gabbana ankle boots, Stradivarius glasses, Rings made by me. 

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  1. evi

    Nice!! When we saw this look me and Natasa ran to Zara to buy the dress ;)!! Cannot see very well though, the jewelry you wear it with!

  2. Belinda Geist

    You nailed it! Please share your fashion ideas on LIFO.It is an online hub for girls that let them have their own virtual closet, read and write about the latest fashion, beauty and celebrity trends.

  3. Le Citronnier

    Love the outfit! There is something so elegant about simple clean lines: less is more!
    I would wear this in the summer though as fall temperatures here tend to be on the cold side.
    btw I have the same glasses 🙂


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