Dante’s Inferno

Looking through my files, i came across this digital creation and I want to share it with you. It was composed two years ago by moure for a contest that dpgr.gr held.

The idea behind this creation is the fate of human to live and find meaning for his life through television. Like a modern Dante’s Inferno.

The painting on the wall was made in 1850 by the academic and painter William Adolphe Bouguereau. The title is «Dante and Virgil in Hell».
I personally want to thank moure for selecting me to be a part of his creation, but also for his valuable contribution to my blog.
I also want to thank Evi for lending me the beautifull dress I’m wearing in the photo.

(In the picture I’m wearing vintage gown and Alessandro Dell” Acqua sandals)

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  1. evi

    I remember this digital creation!!! Very nice :)!! Congrats to moure :)!! I have to say the dress looks amazing on you ;)!! I haven’t found the occasion to wear it yet…. but maybe it fulfilled it’s destiny participating in this creation :D!!!

  2. vanda

    The photo is amazing, of course I clicked on it to see it bigger!!!! Great idea and creation!

  3. *chara

    What a lovely blog!
    Thank you for your comment!
    As for the perfumes, both are amazing but it depends on what kind of scents you like..
    I’m more into Prada Candy because it has a very sweet smell, unlike Elie Saab which is more elegant and smells like jasmine.. Actually it reminds me of Burberry Brit..


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